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note before buying MagicEngine try the demo version to see if it works well on your computer, we do our best to make MagicEngine as compatible as possible but sometimes there might be little problems, if you encounter a problem contact us or check the forums to see if there's a fix, but registering won't fix the problem, the demo and the registered version both have the same features and work the same way.

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Credit card payment is the easiest and fastest way to buy MagicEngine, delay for receiving the key file is about 24-48 hours.

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We accept only International Postal/Money Orders, we don't accept local Postal/Money Orders.

Currency must be either € EUR or $ USD.

Delay for receiving the key file is usualy 3-7 days for an International Money Order sent by mail, but it can take more time, about 1-2 weeks (sometimes more), if it's a International Postal Order.

We accept € EUR, $ USD, GBP, ¥ JPY currencies and also most other local currencies, contact us if you want to know the amount in a currency not listed on this page.

Delay for receiving the key file is usualy 3-7 days after the payment has been sent.

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